Что такое технология Rebar

Hilti post-installed rebar applications

If you’re looking to extend, join or strengthen walls, slabs, columns or beams, then post-installed rebar systems can help with new or existing builds from residential buildings to bridges.

Post-installed rebar connections are anchorages and splices that are fixed into place by adhesive, using our Hilti HIT injection adhesives.

They’re easy and fast to use. Simply drill a hole, inject our Hilti HIT chemical adhesives and then install your steel bar.

And they’re at least as strong as cast-in place reinforcement bars, as proven in tests by European Technical Approvals (TR023). So you can design post-installed rebars into your build using the same principles as for any reinforced concrete design.

Технология SAFESET™

Hilti safe set system for safe anchor installation

Post-installed rebar systems are also:

  • very flexible,
  • useful for a wide range of applications,
  • and can work in shallow areas of concrete.

Our Hilti SafeSet™ system helps speed up post-installed rebar installation. Hilti SafeSet™ vacuums up dust while drilling, minimizing dust and cutting out the need to manually cleaning the drilled hole.

Link: Get more information about the Hilti SafeSet™ System

Устройство арматурных выпусков с помощью SafeSet

Поддержка на всех этапах строительства

Hilti PROFIS Rebar design software

We can help from the moment you begin your design to supplying the technology to make it work.

Our PROFIS Rebar software helps you lay out your virtual design.

And if you need help, we have experts worldwide who can help you find solutions throughout the whole design process.

We also have years of experience in research and onsite. And we’ve worked on some of the most challenging post-installed rebar builds around the globe. We’ve even helped mend the famous Trevi Fountain in Rome – all with post-installed rebar technology.

Hilti post-installed rebar typical applications

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Hilti post installed rebar HIT-RE 500


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Hilti jobsite reference post-installed rebar WU Vienna

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