Direct fastening solution for fire rated cable routing

X-ECH-FE MX bunched cable holder and X-EKB-FE MX cable clasp for certified circuit integrity

Hilti X-ECH-FE MX cable holder for bunched cables and Hilti X-EKB-FE  MX cable clasp

Safely productive with functional integrity

Reliable, efficient and certified. Individual routing of safety cables, with circuit integrity, using direct fastening.

Serial fastening of cable holders for routing of bunched safety cables, with circuit integrity, has never been simpler or faster. Various ergonomic and efficiency aspects have been implemented in a revolutionary manner. Universal solution for a variety of installation jobs.

Many Benefits

High Productivity

Finish your work faster while saving money. Direct fastening is up to 8 times faster than traditional methods.

Fast solution: Save valuable time, to the benefit of the entire team.
Time is money: Improve your calculation basis by saving installation time.

Comfortable and save use

Direct fastening allows for easy and effortless overhead fastening while generating lower recoil and less noise. Additionally, the entire process is virtually dust and vibration free. Installation of safety cables made easy and safe for users.

Versatile fastening solution

Use the BX 3-ME battery-actuated fastening tool for all individual cable routing, with and without circuit integrity. One tool, many possibilities.

Certified according to DIN 4102-12

The AbP certificate certifies your cable installation. Safety cables from the main suppliers are covered.

Hilti's range of cable holders for bunched cables with circuit integrity consist of four elements in three sizes and two basic types: Deep elements save space on decks and are also suitable for wall mounting. Flat elements are the ideal solution for low false ceilings. Our cable holders for bunched cables offer you diverse combination possibilities depending on cable manufacturer and type, while keeping consistent spacing distance.

Overview of cable holders and clasps