NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool


Productivity can be planned with Hilti services and the all new NPR 19-A pipe press tool

When installing pipes for drinking water or heating systems it’s all about reliability and speed. The new NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool, combined with our extensive range of services, creates a strong connection.

Today, pipe connections for fluid distribution systems in buildings are almost exclusively pressed. The advantages are obvious. Pressing pipes is quick and reliable and requires technology that goes beyond the actual pressing process. Productively managing your installation calls for a system that you can rely on in any situation. We take this a step further; our new NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool, combined with Hilti services, opens an entirely new world for efficient work with pipes.


Constant performance is called for when pressing pipes. Our new 22V cordless platform sets the stage just for this. The cordless system allows you to work flexibly and reliably. Our batteries have a very long life and, thanks to our Cordless Power Care (CPC) technology, deliver the performance you want even when in continuous use or when working at sub-zero temperatures. So even if you’re working with the most compact battery, like the B 22/2.6 Li-ion, you can press several hundred pipe connections with one charge in a day. But the best thing is that you can exchange your 22V- batteries with other Hilti cordless tools, helping to keep you productive and flexible across a single battery platform.


Press tools, jaws, rings and actuators that are not adequately serviced and maintained may lead to unplanned downtime that can bring your construction site productivity to a standstill. Even worse, leaks caused by a faulty tool or accessory can generate costly damages. Our services help minimize this danger.

Press tools need to be monitored at regular intervals. This is decisive to ensure an exact pressing process. Accessories, such as press jaws, rings and actuators also require regular checking.

Our Hilti Connect digital service notifies you when your press tool and its accessories require service, making it simple for you to stay on top of things and helps ensure you’re working with compliant tools. The app provides information on service history, from anywhere, and makes it possible to schedule a repair or simply access the tool’s certificates and other tool-specific data.

Our ON!Track software solution also helps you look after your press tools and accessories. The NFC tag lets you keep an overview of your pressing equipment so that you can plan effectively.

Digital services Hilti Connnect and ON!Track
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Hilti Connect and ON!Track for productive pipe pressing

Our press tool and accessories
2 / 3
Seamless management of press tools and accessories

Hilti Connect for  more information about your tools and accessories
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Access to all service information


The tool’s pressure sensor helps ensure that the pressing is done correctly. The tool also has acoustic and optical signals that warn the user if the pressing process is incomplete, if there is a technical problem with the tool or if maintenance is required.


Sensors for the correct pressing process

  • No more incomplete pressing
  • Direct feedback to the operator
  • Continuous function analysis 

exchangeable modules

Phase 2


Seamless solution in a reliable system – Our new NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool and Hilti services

The range of fitting systems on offer for metal and plastic pipes is constantly expanding. As a result, the demand for pipe press tools, jaws, rings and actuators is also increasing, leaving you with an endless choice of possible accessory-tool combinations.
Our new NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool, together with our comprehensive services, make it possible for you to stay on top of things even in the most challenging situations.

There are currently hundreds of pipe fitting systems available. To press the majority of them and cover all the different pipe diameters would require a multitude of press jaws and rings. Additionally, many pipe press tools are only approved for a limited number of systems. This means that different tool models are also required to get the job done. So how can someone on the jobsite keep an overview of all this information?

In cooperation with various system suppliers and technical institutions, we offer you a comprehensive and reliable system and the confidence to be able to press virtually risk- and leak-free.


From now on, you only need a single tool supplier for your pipe installation work. The cooperation we have with noteworthy system suppliers, such as Geberit, helps ensure you are compliant when working with our cordless pipe press tools and the corresponding press jaws. Additionally, most of our press tools and accessories have been certified and tested by the TŰV Süd technical institute and we will continue to partner with other system suppliers on a regular basis.

We focus on system conformity, so you can focus on the task at hand

  • A Hilti pipe press tool for almost any system
  • Cooperation with the most important system suppliers


With the ON!Track label and Hilti Connect NFC chip, which can be found on all press tools and accessories, you can easily locate your press equipment on the construction site using your phone. You’ll know exactly which press jaws are approved for the corresponding pipe system, which helps ensure compliant pressing. This makes management and administration of the various press tools and accessories very easy and intuitive.

Clear identification allows for transparent work and improved productivity

NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool with approved press jaw
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Working with compliant press jaws

NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool to press pipes
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Seamless pipe pressing

Hilti Connect for more information about your tools and accessories
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Easy management of press tools and accessories



Comprehensive service in a certified system – The new NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool

It’s becoming more and more important to rely on one certified solution for your pipe installation work. Not only does this save you time and money, but with system conformity pipe pressing now becomes more reliable, efficient and convenient.

With the new NPR 19-A cordless pipe pressing tool and our associated services, such as Hilti Connect and ON!Track, we are one of the only tool manufacturers to offer a  comprehensive system that helps you to press pipes compliantly. Both our new pipe press tools and the various press jaws have been tested and certified to help ensure that you can install pipes efficiently. You no longer have to worry about managing different pipe systems, tools and accessories but can focus on your installation work instead. 

The new pipe press tools expand our cordless offering, making us the first manufacturer to provide a comprehensive solution for your daily work. Based on the strong, reliable 22-volt battery platform, we offer you a tool assortment for a wide range of metal and plastic pipe systems. Your van no longer needs to be equipped with corded tools or different batteries as you now have a comprehensive cordless tool portfolio to make your work simpler and more productive. 

NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool with battery
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Productivity can be planned

Cordless and compatible with all our 22-volt platform tools

NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool jaw with phone
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Seamless solution in a reliable system

Increase your productivity with Hilti Connect and ON!Track

NPR 19-A cordless pipe press tool with Hilti tool case
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Comprehensive and convenient service

Part of our tested and certified “eco system”