Firestop Solutions for Data Centers

Scalability, reliability and security without compromising energy efficiency

Data centers are constantly evolving, continually changing. How do you maintain the flexibility to adapt to these ever-changing demands, without sacrificing reliability or energy efficiency? Hilti’s fire protection solutions help you design and build a more efficient facility – anywhere in the world. 

From pre-engineered cable pathways, such as the firestop speed sleeve to firestop blocks, we focus on providing innovative solutions that give you built-in day two capacity, ensure industry-leading airflow control and prevent particulate contamination in sensitive server environments.


Industry-leading airflow control helps reduce operating expenses.

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Modular solutions for effortless updates in dynamic cabling environments.

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Increased security, for protection from fire and contamination.

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We work directly with our customers every day – worldwide, on the phone and on the jobsite.

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Our solutions for data centers

Hilti speed sleeve for data centers
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Speed sleeve

The Hilti speed sleeve allows you to future-proof your facility. Its simple twist-mechanism enables effortless updates to mission critical cabling without specialized maintenance personnel. Industry-leading airflow control ensures an airtight envelope for more efficient cooling of your server environment.

Hilti firestop block for data centers
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Firestop block

The Hilti firestop block is a versatile, building-block solution for large openings. Where traditional firestopping methods may pose a significant risk of contamination, the fiber-free, non-curing block helps protect cable and server functionality.

Hilti intumescent fire-resistive material
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Fire finish

Hilti’s CFP-SP WB fire finish is a high-performance, water-based intumescent fire-resistive material, or IFRM, for architecturally exposed structural steel in interior and exterior applications.